Post event musings (LOL Edwin had to use that word! <>)


Greetings all!

What an incredible day we had yesterday, and what an influence we made. I can’t thank you enough for believing in me and this event.

I have been involved in designing and developing medical education workshops since 2008. I have never been involved in something so powerful and broad reaching.

I still go to conferences where there are signs and disclaimers instructing us that photos and videos are prohibited. I believe from our little crew that as of Saturday 16th May 2015 we have defined the future. 

Heartfelt thanks to the speaker line-up. We achieved so much in such a short space of time. You were an absolute pleasure to work with and I learned so much from you all.

Look at our symplur state here. Over 2 million impressions. WOW.

Plus thanks to Marie Ennis-O’Connor @JBBC for helping with analysis whilst I recovered. The @Storify feed is impressive! I have never met you but I am very grateful to your support.

As of today, I am the @WePublicHealth curator for the next week.

Please let me know what you feel was relevant to you or inspired you from the event, so I can incorporate your content. Let’s use this opportunity to deliver our messages about how social media is now such an important part of our lives in order to further our careers and be the best doctors we can be for our patients.

Best wishes and sincere thanks,


When life throws you lemons….

Greetings all,

As I skyrocket among the best and brightest in social media, I feel more and more dismayed by the supposed trusted and true services such as website host services and telco’s

Anyway… this will not deter us!

Let’s make lemonade!

Team @medicinesocial has moved mountains to bring this event together, in conjunction with Amora Riverwalk. We have a brilliant line up, and are so looking forward to this event!

We are thrilled we are poised post budget week and have some pretty significant figures in the room to discuss the future of #PCEHR (not the rhetoric, but what we actually think is in the best interests of the public, organise how to consolidate this and construct how we will ensure govt listens this time).

We are also thrilled that we are ready to educate and inform our peers about why and how we must meet wellness warriors to continue to claim our position as those best suited to deliver patient care. We simply can’t believe that patients will listen to us because we are doctors. Google search engines are drowning us out.

We have such a stunning line up…..Dr Brad McKay, GP extraordinaire, media celebrity and passionate advocate for evidence based medicine…Dr Edwin Kruys, our favorite blogger and #PCEHR crusader…Ms Jen Morris, all round splendid patient advocate and passionate public speaker….Dr Tim Senior, health educator, Croakey contributor, and carer of all matters #FOAMed…Dr Sonia Fullerton, leader in the #hellomynameis campaign and @Palliverse coordinator…Dr Joseph Sgroi, advocate for doctors in training, entrepreneur and now using social media to be the thought leader in his area of specialty…Dr Dave Hawkes…drumroll…member of the brilliant #StoptheAVN campaign that led to the demise of the Tenpenny tour which was to be held at Amora…and last but not least, Dr Ben Veness, doctor, visionary, past AMSA president and now one of 2015’s Australian of the year ambassadors.

Plus me. Dr Helen Schultz

Shrink, author, public speaker and chair for the day.

My role will be to expose the psychology of trolling, to discuss where we are heading with #SoMe conferences now we are so used to staying home and watching them, and remaining the coordinator of a fabulous team of people (NOT Telstra..ah hem, when you plan to work after hours you kind of need your internet..) But, gee, @periscope sounds like fun!

Thrilled also to be joined by Dr Mukesh Haikerwal, who has been involved with #PCEHR since inception, loves a good tweet and is a wonderful mentor to me.

Spaces left, the more the merrier, love the retweets but need the numbers! We don’t have sponsors for this event!

Use MS002 at the checkout and tell your friends!

See you there,

Helen and the @MedicineSocial team

Saturday, 16th May 9.00am Amora Riverwalk, Melbourne.

1 week to go for Medicine Social!

Greetings all,

A reminder to register for Medicine Social, our workshop that showcases the use of social media in medicine to educate, inform and advocate.

We have had a number of requests for allied health professionals to join us – yes please! If you are a psychologist, pharmacist or work in public health for example this conference will be relevant for you as well. Click the consultant psychiatrist/corporate delegate option in the shopping cart to register.

We still have places for our 4 hour masterclasses as well!

And use our promo code MS002 at the checkout as well if you have just heard about the event and missed the early bird dates!

See you at Medicine Social!