Post event musings (LOL Edwin had to use that word! <>)


Greetings all!

What an incredible day we had yesterday, and what an influence we made. I can’t thank you enough for believing in me and this event.

I have been involved in designing and developing medical education workshops since 2008. I have never been involved in something so powerful and broad reaching.

I still go to conferences where there are signs and disclaimers instructing us that photos and videos are prohibited. I believe from our little crew that as of Saturday 16th May 2015 we have defined the future. 

Heartfelt thanks to the speaker line-up. We achieved so much in such a short space of time. You were an absolute pleasure to work with and I learned so much from you all.

Look at our symplur state here. Over 2 million impressions. WOW.

Plus thanks to Marie Ennis-O’Connor @JBBC for helping with analysis whilst I recovered. The @Storify feed is impressive! I have never met you but I am very grateful to your support.

As of today, I am the @WePublicHealth curator for the next week.

Please let me know what you feel was relevant to you or inspired you from the event, so I can incorporate your content. Let’s use this opportunity to deliver our messages about how social media is now such an important part of our lives in order to further our careers and be the best doctors we can be for our patients.

Best wishes and sincere thanks,


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