Medicine Social networking event – Friday 15th May 2015



And they say people on social media aren’t really your friends….

One of the most exciting aspects of @SoMebythesea was meeting fellow tweeps in the flesh and finding out that we had so much in common. Social media used correctly can form the tightest of communities and provide a sense of connectedness to like minded souls.

Hence our three hour networking event at Niche, Richmond, about 100m for the workshop venue.

Come along, meet and re-greet the alumni of @SoMebythesea and network away!

3hr drinks and canapes menu provided.

Introducing our keynote for the event, Dr Brad McKay!

Brad is a Sydney GP with a strong media presence, comedian and all round excellent fellow.

He will be speaking to the topic “Birds of a feather and why doctors flock together on social”

Come along for a great night of friendship and toast to a successful workshop the following day (speakers complimentary)



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