Our Speakers

Chair: Dr Helen Schultz @DrHelenSchultz

Relatively new to Social Media but now a tireless advocate of social media for change and advocacy, Dr Schultz has brought together a vast range of thought leaders from across her profession to roll out this event. She is a regular blogger and author of ‘How Shrinks Think’ . Dr Schultz has been designing and developing medical education workshops via her company, CPD Formulations Pty Ltd since 2007. Medicine Social is her latest workshop, following on from SleepSchool, HIV Matters, Present2Pass and Cognisense.

Our speakers:

Dr Brad McKay @DrBradMcKay

Dr Brad is a qualified medical doctor who appears regularly on TV & Radio. He is one of the Australian hosts of ‘Embarrassing Bodies Down Under’, a television show dedicated to decrease the stigma attached to embarrassing health problems and increase awareness of traditionally ‘taboo’ topics.He features regularly on The Daily Edition on Channel 7, The Project on Channel Ten, and can be heard on Tony Delroy’s Nightlife on ABC Local Radio.Dr Brad is a passionate and experienced General Practitioner and Public Speaker. He is especially interested in Sexual Health, HIV Medicine and Mental Health.He is an avid user and advocate of social media and regularly speaks about the use of Social Media in Medicine and Health Care.

Dr Edwin Kruys @EdwinKruys

Edwin Kruys is a graduate of the University of Amsterdam (2000), The Netherlands, and is a fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. Edwin has a special interest in travel medicine and is a member of the International Society of Travel Medicine and the South Pacific Underwater Medicine Society. Edwin has worked in WA, Queensland, The Netherlands and Kenya. He is a passionate advocate of social media and hosts the popular blog site, DoctorsBag.

Ms Jen Morris @jenwords

Ms Morris is a human rights and disability advocate and freelance writer. She is a member of the Mercy Health Community Advisory Committee, and is on the board of management of the Disability Discrimination Legal Service. She has represented consumer and patient perspectives at a variety of forums, including the Medical Board of Australia forum on Medical Revalidation. Ms Morris has also attended and/or presented at Consumers Health Forum and Health Issues Centre workshops on topics ranging from informed financial consent to quality use of medicines.

Dr Tim Senior @timsenior

Dr Senior practices, teaches, develops policies and write about general practice and primary care, particularly its role in working effectively in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health. He graduated from the Sydney Leadership Program in 2010.

Dr Sonia Fullerton @sonialf

Palliative physician, interested and learning about IT and social media in healthcare.
Thinking about patient experience and patient participation in medical decision making.
Studying masters of health care management at Monash.
I like to improve end of life care in non specialist settings and try to fix difficult symptoms.
Mother of three.

Mr Dave Hawkes @MrHawkes

Dr Dave Hawkes is a virologist who has, through his experience on social media, recently moved into the world of HPV and cervical cancer. He is an administrator of the Stop the AVN Facebook page and has been a vocal vaccine advocate for over five years. Recently Dave has presented at GP conferences and Public Health workshops on how to approach vaccine hesitant parents. Dave has used social media to communicate with a worldwide audience appearing in newspapers and magazines in as diverse places as South Africa and Denmark, alongside of his own writing for a range of audiences from high impact scientific journals through to The Conversation and even Mamamia.com. He is also a regular contributor to a number of podcasts dealing with evidence based medicine. In his spare time he has also run a highly successful crowdfunding campaign for raising money to develop new viral vectors to help researchers understand the brain. He is the proud father of an 18 month old called Tom who is his motivation for all of this work.

Dr Joseph Sgroi @DrJosephSgroi

Dr Joseph Sgroi is an Obstetrician, Gynaecologist and Fertility specialist at Epworth Freemasons Hospital and Wyndham private medical centre. He has a strong track record in education and medico-political advocacy, including past president of the AMA(Victoria) doctors in training subdivision, AMA past federal AMA councillor and past chair of the AMACDT. Dr Sgroi has used social media to position and brand himself as a leader in his profession.

Dr Ben Veness @Venessb

Dr Ben Veness is a medical practitioner and recipient of an MPH from Sydney University. He is the  current Australia Day Ambassador for 2015,  past president of the Australian Medical Students Assocation, and Churchill Fellow.





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