Testimonials for our pilot workshop, @SoMebythesea

Our pilot launch in November 2014 was a true success, and this was confirmed by attendance feedback.

100% of responses ranked our keynote presentations as ‘very relevant’

In particular, our presentation by patient advocate, Ms Jen Morris about why patients want us to be on social media was thought provoking and very moving. It is because of her expertise as an advocate and speaker that we have invited her back!

Some feedback about what respondents enjoyed most about the presentations:

“Every speaker was excellent – engaging and interesting” – Dr J G-S

“Interactive nature and relaxed but informative atmosphere”  – Dr BM

Presenters passionate and knowledgable” –  Dr EC

“Dynamic, relaxed speakers fostering fun, interactive environment. No excessive use of text heavy slides” – Ms JM

“The presenters really thought about the content and applied it to the audience without selling themselves too much. The presentation styles were generally relaxed and open which was great” – Dr SM

Things we have learnt from our feedback;

Despite our fabulous feedback there is always room to improve, and for this reason we have introduced our masterclasses this time, for those would would like to learn some aspects of social media in greater depth.


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