Why should I attend MedicineSocial?

There are so  many myths about social media and its necessity in our profession. But it’s also interesting to note that other professions have also been conservative when it comes to adopting social media into their everyday professional life.

What MedicineSocial is NOT about

  • How to share photos of your family and pets on facebook
  • Giving you yet another task to fit into your busy day with little value

What MedicineSocial is about


  • How to develop your own practice and personal brand on social media with authenticity and consistency, and within the professional guidelines of our profession


  • How to follow and learn about your profession when you want and how you want to. For example, have you heard about open access learning such as #FOAMmed and want to learn and contribute using portals such as this?
  • How to get involved in live twitter chats with colleagues around the world
  • How to share your knowledge and develop a folowing of like minded individuals, using blogging, facebook pages, Twitter or LinkedIn.


  • How to market your private practice using platforms such as FaceBook and LinkedIn from the experts
  • How to market yourself as a thought leader in your profession

MedicineSocial has been carefully created to ensure that no matter what level you are when it comes to social media you will come away educated, informed, inspired and ready to go!

Take a look at our promo video from our pilot event held in November 2014 and see why your colleagues embrace social media and why it is here to stay! Click here.


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